Comedy Workshops with Andre King

Learn with Andre King, an extraordinary entertainer who is able to bridge the divide and perform successfully to audiences from a range of backgrounds regardless of cultural, ethnic and on occasion, language barriers.
Do you want to be a stand-up comedian? Looking to improve your public speaking skills? Want to learn how to craft a joke?
Andre King presents 2 of his most powerful comedy workshops - Joke Writing 101 and The Comedians Round Table exclusively in Singapore as part of the Magners International Comedy Festival.

Sessions are $20 each, or $30 for both. Register here, pay cash on the door.

Saturday 21st March - Noon - 2pm $20

Joke Writing 101

-From killer one liners and nested loops to snort inducing story gags, finding that twist that will bring the house down.
The Five Senses of Comedy
-How to ground yourself or your characters in your routines and add multiple layers of comedy to your jokes.
The Art of Good Editing
-Getting more laughs for less work.
Neuro Linguistic Programming & Comedy
-getting your audience to laugh without knowing why.
Final remarks & Q.A

Saturday 21st March - 2.30pm - 4pm $20

The Comedians Round Table

Ever wondered how comedians come up with their material? Take an interactive peek behind the curtain and maybe even play your own part in creating a workable joke for presentation on stage.

Sometimes, a comedian will create a joke that they love, a joke that they think is really funny, then they take it on stage, present it to an audience and it dies, every now and again… horribly! Situations like this are a risk that comedians generally are prepared to accept, but it doesn’t make it any easier when it happens.

At the round table you’ll hear the tales of the deaths these comedians have suffered, you’ll bear witness to several other pro comics trying to rework the gag so that it can fly in front of an audience and then you the audience will decide if that joke will live to see another performance or if it will be retired by filing it in the ‘Bucket of Shame.’

Andre King hosts 5 comedians who workshop each other’s jokes to create new angles and punchlines while doing everything they can to make it funnier coming out than when it went in. The joke is then performed and the punchlines are voted on by the audience. The comics get new gags they can add to their routines, the audience gets to laugh at new material most of which has never been heard before and have a hand in creating the jokes themselves.

Sat Mar 21, 2015
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM SGT
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The Penny Black
Joke Writing 101 - 12 noon to 2pm FULL
Comedians Round Table - 2.30pm to 4pm FULL
Venue Address
The Penny Black (upstairs), Boat Quay Singapore
Nearest MRT - Raffles Place or Clarke Quay. The Penny Black can be found on the Singapore Riverside near the McDonalds.
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